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QR Codes - The Benefits To Your Business

What are they and how can they help your business... At its most basic, a QR (Quick Response) Code is a barcode.

QR codes are going to become more common in the coming months and years to come.

We are increasingly reliant on our smartphone, to accomplish a wide range of tasks. The introduction of mobile internet, has mean't that many of us are now browsing the web on the move, so typing out URLs can be inefficient and awkward. Today's smartphones are able to scan these QR codes, and link us directly to content without typing, they are efficient, quick and incredibly user friendly. 

An example of how you could use it in your business, simply place a QR code on your magazine advert and link the reader either to your website home page, or to a relevant product / information page.  As soon as the reader scans the code, your desired content instantly appears on their mobile screen.  Traditional adverts have always limited you to what you can say, but by combining print and technology, you can get the best of both worlds.

Businesses are now using QR codes in a variety of ways including on shopfront windows, promotional advertising, products displays, entrances and product labels.

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